UX/UI Designer


User Interviews, User Flows, Wireframes, Invision Prototypes, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Foundation, Google Analytics

The challenge

Credit Service is a historical partner and a leader in the Italian fintech market.

They have developed solutions for the debt collection, aimed to cut off the bureaucracy in this kind of process, helping the creditors to have more chances of credit's return.

Ratingstore was born from the need of preventing this kind of circumstance, supporting the clients in avoiding the risk of insolvency and unreliability.

We were asked to produce the responsive site and the documents' layout bought from it.

Know your user, look after she

A b2c project requires always a careful work of research to determine the guides which lead our action.

We have interviewed professional from several sectors trying to understand the possible needs and outline targets and strategies to get them satisfied.

We defined an average user and produced flows related to her.

The user flow

All around the rating

The core product is the rating, a document highlighting the reliability and the solvency of explored businesses.

All the design aimed to spotlight the core information, in a simple and clean fashion, giving users a sense of security in their approach with an undiscovered company.

An example of the rating’s document

Aesthetics matters

Visual design played a fundamental role during the pursuit of an accessible way to tell users about the potentiality of our solution.

I worked collaboratively with our graphic designer to inspect new forms to communicate information the best.

We used engaging colours, gradients and a clean layout which highlights the most important keys.

A screenshot of the homepage

The checkout process

A stronger connection

Credit Service has confirmed its relevant position in the market thanks to our product and was supported on strengthening its relationship with modeFinance, which led to open new business opportunities.