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The challenge is a company part of the Interlogica Group, which has brought to the market a unique and innovative product letting people compare long-term rental offers from almost all the biggest Italian retailers.

Get insights and connecting the dots

As it was a not-existing application, it has been necessary a huge work of research and benchmarking to spot eventual opportunities to catch.

Side by side with the marketing team and the business development team, we started to gather data from user interviews, surveys and market research.

In addition, we studied how to combine the two experiences out of the box.

We got inspiration from the showroom sites and the comparator apps present in the market to design a hybrid solution.

From inspirations to the substance

Sketch - Prototype - Test - Repeat

Following an Agile approach, it was important to run tight iterations to ensure the success of our output.

We based all the process on the concept of prototyping: start from lo-fi wireframe, we tested our assumption with the stakeholders and with potential users, through prototypes made with inVision.

That helped us to validate and improve our ideas, reaching a respectable level of quality, delivering defined requirements which resulted in cutting the development time by 40%.

A wireframe of the results' view

The design is never-ending

After the launch, we conducted some mobile usability test session to verify that the experience for the majority of our users (more than 60%, from Analytics data) was satisfactory.

As it was our first mobile test, we struggled a bit to set the physics configuration for the session.

In the end, we figured out this assortment:

  • a tripod
  • a smartphone recording the user device
  • a pc taping the streaming of the session and the user's reaction, via Camtasia

Frame from the mobile usability test

The tests helped us to spot some usability puzzles, mostly for low-end devices, such as:

  • the comparison occupied too much interface and it was barely possible to add new offers
  • the disabled buttons confused the user because she couldn’t get their status
  • performance, due to simultaneous tasks, occasionally slowed the app

After gathering the right information, we wrote down a report in which we described all the sessions, classified and prioritized the issues, registered all the possible improvement chances and defined the strategy for the next steps.

Meet the goals

The application, because of its value and an excellent marketing campaign, gained the interest of all sector Italian major retailers and got a chance to land on the German market, that will happen soon.

Thousands of people go through that every week for getting the best offer possible, related to their needs.

The next releases will aim to make this experience even more fluid and fulfilling.

Offer card

Comparison bar (Desktop)

Comparison view (Desktop)

Comparison feature in action (Mobile)